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Embryo Live in Basel, Atlantis 1978/01/19


01 - Political Prisoners (19:04)
02 - Double Time (09:31)
03 - Break Into Pieces (13:27)
04 - Endless Feeling (14:07)
05 - Mühldorfsong (28:13)
06 - Together (02:13)

This concert was originally split into 5 parts. I re-merged them and split them according to the different compositions that i could distinguish.


Christian Burchard - drums, vibes, vocals
Roman Bunka - guitar, vocals
Michael Wehmeyer - keyboards
Uve Müllrich - bass


The sound quality of the first 3 tracks is awful. It gets better after that, and is actually quite listenable after my remastering. It still sounds pretty muffled and there are people from the audience talking all the time. The songs are nothing unusual but quite nice. Not an essential recording but not the worst one i've heard either. Also the only live version of "Together" that i've heard yet, sadly this song is the only one thats not complete.

Thanks to Schuyler for the recording!