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Embryo live in Rovereto, Italy. The date is questionable as it wasn't announced in the tourdates in "Sounds" for that month and they were annouced to play in Bielefeld a day before, so it would be very unlikely that they drove to Italy after that for just one gig.


01 - Break Into Pieces (11:11)
02 - Intro Idea (10:37)
03 - Political Prisoners (5:09)
04 - Double Time (7:44)
05 - Knast Funk (8:45)
06 - Getalongwithasong (16:25)
07 - Make It Easy (23:45)


Christian Burchard - Vocals, Vibraphone
Roman Bunka - Vocals, Guitar
Uve Müllrich - Bass
Michael Wehmeyer - Keyboards
Butze Fischer - Drums


An amazing concert. Probably even better than the Vlotho one (because they had more time here). Compared to the Vlotho recording, this one features "Break Into Pieces" instead of "Endless Feeling" and also a complete version of "Make it Easy" (which fades out in the middle on the Vlotho CD). Also it contains the only live version of "Knast Funk" i have heard yet. The Quality isn't the best but very enjoyable.


Official Bootleg "Live in Rovereto, Italy - 25. Juni 1977 feat. Butze Fischer CDR"