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Radiobremen recorded a lot of concerts in and around Bremen for their programme "Jazz Live", which not only featured a lot of international jazz musicians, but also some interesting krautrock bands. Some of these were released by the label "Garden of Delights". Here i only list the krautrock bands as i'm not so interested in regular jazz.

Rec. Date Band/Artist Venue Release
1971/02/12 Association P.C.
1971/06/25 Kraftwerk Gondel Kino Several Bootlegs
1971/09/21 Guru Guru Cleopatra "Live In Germany '71"
1971/09/23 Embryo Gymnasium Leibnizplatz Garden of Delights "Bremen 1971"
1971/10/11 Association P.C.
1972/03/03 Association P.C.
1972/04/19 Eiliff Lila Eule Garden of Delights "Bremen 1972"
1973/01/11 Association P.C.
1973/05/27 Sincerely P.T.
1973/06/18 Association P.C.
1973/06/23 Brainstorm Technische Hochschule Garden of Delights "Bremen 1973"
1974/09/02 Missus Beastly Post-Aula Garden of Delights "Bremen 1974"
1975/07/08 Association P.C.
1978/04/24 Release Music Orchestra Bürgerzentrum Vahr Garden of Delights "Bremen 1978"
1978/10/02 Tri Atma
1978/10/30 Toto Blanke's Electric Circus
1979/02/28 Contact Trio
1980/07/22 Embryo (feat. C. Mariano & K.C.P.) Uni-Mensa