List of Can's TV appearances

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Date Station Show/Program Contents Release
1970/07/07 WDR Hierzulande - Heutzutage Report about "Nachmittag der Künste" in Erftstadt-Liblar, Live performance "Oh Yeah"
1971/01/09 WDR Galerie der Entertainer Portrait of the group Can DVD (Incomplete)
1971/??/?? WDR Hier und Heute Portrait of the group Can DVD
1971/07/23 ARD (SFB) Berlin - Freitagnachmittag Live performance
1971/08/07 Radiobremen Beat-Club Studio-Live: "Paperhouse" (Halleluwah was also recorded but never broadcasted) Can DVD, Various Krautrock and Beat-Club DVDs
1972/11/10 WDR Popmusik in Deutschland Live performance "Halleluwah"
1972/02/04 WDR Can: Free Concert in Köln Movie of the free concert in the Sporthalle Cologne, with overdubs recorded in the studio Can DVD
1972/03/?? ARD Tagesthemen Live performance at the Adolf-Grimme-Preis, with talkover.
1972/??/?? ORF Spotlight Live performance "Bring Me Coffee Or Tea" (Essen, DE) Official YouTube-Channel
1972/??/?? WDR Mixed Media in Soest Live performance "Mother Sky", "Deadlock" (Recorded in 1970)
1973/07/14 WDR Klatschmohn Live performance "Vitamin C", "One More Night"
1973/07/14 ORTF Pop Deux Interviews and several concert excerpts (Bataclan, Paris) Official website
1973/07/17 ORTF Rock en Stock Studio-Live
1974/01/27 BBC Old Grey Whistle Test Studio-Live "Setting Controls for the Heart of the Sun"
1974/03/08 ARD (WDR) Szene 74 Can in their studio in Weilerswist (Recorded in 1973) Can DVD
1975/06/06 WDR Hier und Heute
1975/06/23 ZDF Kraut-rock Can in their studio in Weilerswist, Interviews DVD: Best of Krautrock, Vol. 1
1975/09/20 ARD (SWF/HR) Pop 75 Studio-Playback "Hunters & Collectors"
1975/11/18 BBC Old Grey Whistle Test Studio-Live "Vernal Equinox" Can DVD
1976/09/30 BBC Top Of The Pops Studio-Playback "I Want More" Can DVD (Incomplete)
1976/11/14 SWF Info-Show ???
1976/12/06 WDR Plattenküche Studio-Playback "I Want More" Can DVD (Incomplete)
1977/01/13 WDR Musik Extra 3 Studio-Live "Dizzy Dizzy", "Don't Say No", Interviews Can DVD
1978/04/15 ZDF Aspekte Can in their studio in Weilerswist playing "Aspectacle", "Don't Say No"
1977/06/19 SWF Info-Show ???
1978/10/21 WDR Plattenküche Studio-Playback "Can Can"
1999/??/?? Arte Can - Rite Time Documentary about the reunion with Malcolm and Damo and the recordings for the last Album Can DVD (Excerpts)