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1971 - Jack Bone Blues

On the festival poster of the First Umsonst & Draussen Festival there's a mysterious band called "Jack Bone Blues".
They seem to be the first version of the later "Jack Bone Group".

1973 - Jack Bone Group

The "Jack Bone Group" was an early band of Marlon Klein and his brother Hans-Peter "Pitty" Klein.
At that time they had a rehearsal room in Herford next to the better known Missus Beastly.
The earliest known recordings are from 1973, in the line-up:

Hans-Peter Klein - vocal & guitar
Wolfgang Nickel - Hammond A100
Manfred Deppe - e-viola & Galanti bass
Marlon Klein - drums

The only recording ever released is on the 1975 Umsonst & Draußen compilation LP.
Manfred Deppe and Wolfgang Nickel had left the Band, Klaus Wenske joined.

Klaus Wenske - Bass
Marlon Klein - Drums, Vibraphone
Hans-Peter Klein - Guitar, Piano

After that, they split and Marlon Klein founded the Real Ax Band, while Hans-Peter and Klaus made a short break and then revived the band as "Funky Bone & The Gang".

1977 - Funky Bone & The Gang

I have two songs by them, from the Umsonst & Draussen festival in 1977. The line-up then was:

Hans-Peter Klein - Guitar
Klaus Wenske - Bass
Hinze Sticky Fingers - Drums
Niki Louda - Bremstrommel
Wolli Thümmler - Saxophone
Wolfgang Nickel - Keyboards

1978 - Good Food

The latest Version of the Band seems to be "Good Food". They appeared on the 1978 Umsonst & Draussen LP in this line-up:

Pitty Klein
Klaus Wenske
Hinze Sticky Fingers

They also played at the 1979 festival, but there's no known recording of that.


01 - Jack Bone Group - Hot Rubber - Tonstudio im Thienhaus-Institut, Detmold, 1973
02 - Jack Bone Group - Leichenwagen Erde - Tonstudio im Thienhaus-Institut, Detmold, 1973
03 - Jack Bone Group - Himalaya-Erdbeernuss - Live 1975/06/28 am alten Steinbruch auf dem Winterberg, Vlotho
04 - Funky Bone & The Gang - Higher -  Live 1977/07/01-03 am alten Steinbruch auf dem Winterberg, Vlotho (Umsonst & Draussen)
05 - Funky Bone & The Gang - Lonely Places - Live 1977/07/01-03 am alten Steinbruch auf dem Winterberg, Vlotho (Umsonst & Draussen)
06 - Good Food -  Take It - Live 1978/08/25-27 in der Kiesgrube, Porta Westfalica (Umsonst & Draussen)