German Rock on Beatclub

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Date Artist Broadcast Songs Unreleased Songs
60 1970/10/24 Amon Düül II Between the Eyes
Eye-Shaking King
Paralized Paradise
66 1971/04/24 Popol Vuh Bettina Hiob
67 1971/05/22 Kraftwerk Rückstoß Gondoliere Kakteen, Wüste, Sonne
68 1971/06/24 Lucifer's Friend Ride the Sky Stardancer
Goodbye Girls
Sneak Me In
Keep Going
Lucifer's Friend
68 1971/06/24 Frumpy Take Care Of Illusion How The Gypsy Was Born
69 1971/07/24 Et Cetera Raga
Lady Blue
Thursday Morning Sunrise
Jam Session
70 1971/08/07 Can Paperhouse Halleluwah
70 1971/08/07 Emergency Time Passed By Gimme Some Lovin'
71 1971/09/25 Birth Control The Work Is Done Stop Little Lady
72 1971/10/30 Passport Uranus
75 1972/01/29 Epitaph Early Morning Little Maggie
77 1972/03/25 Guru Guru Oxymoron
79 1972/06/24 Frumpy Going To The Country By The Way
Truck Drivin' Man