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2 Persons sitting in a TV Studio
Albrecht Metzger and Inger Zielke

Youth-oriented discussion show which ran for 12 episodes, produced by SDR, HR and RB.

Moderated by Albrecht Metzger, Inger Zielke, Christopher Sommerkorn and Ekkes Frank.

Each episode (except one) featured at least one musical contribution.

Date Location Music
1 SDR 1973/02/24 Ulm Prof. Wolfff, Hannes Wader, Alexis Korner X
2 HR 1973/04/21 Kassel Redbone, Dieter Süverkrüp X
3 RB 1973/06/15 Bremen Thirsty Moon L
4 SDR 1973/07/28 Schorndorf Montage-Theater München
5 HR 1973/10/06 Michelstadt Jugendblaskapelle Langen-Brombach, Long Tall Ernie and the Shakers X
6 RB 1973/12/01 Bremerhaven Michael Chapman X
7 SDR 1974/02/09 Schwäbisch Hall Ekkes Frank, Shirley Hart & Colin Wilkie, Floh de Cologne, Et Cetera
8 HR 1974/04/06 Frankfurt Tiger B. Smith X
9 RB 1974/06/01 Eric Burdon & War L
10 HR 1974/09/21 Frankfurt - X
11 SDR 1974/10/19 Stuttgart Ekkes Frank, Stephane Grappelli, Chris-Barber-Band
12 RB 1974/11/23 L