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CD-R made by Christian Burchard

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Embryo Live in Kabul, 1978/10/28
Unreleased except for 10 minutes in "Vagabunden Karawane" and 9 minutes on the CD-ROM "The Crack in the Cosmic Egg".


01 - Intro Idea (11:45)
02 - Political Prisoners (09:30)
03 - Break Into Pieces (06:41)
04 - (05:19)
05 - (04:38)
06 - (07:36)
07 - Endless Feeling (18:17)
08 - Right On My Way (03:31)
09 - (10:39)
10 - (09:16)
This concert was originally split into 4 parts. I re-merged them and split them according to the different compositions that i could distinguish.
There were also other titles like "Rainy Day" for "Political Prisoners" and "Been Gone Too Long" for "Endless Feeling".
My tracklist only contains song titles that i could recognize from any official release. The last track is sourced from the Vagabunden Karawane DVD.


Christian Burchard - drums, vibes
Roman Bunka - vocals, guitar, bass, etc.
Michi Wehmeyer - keyboards
Uve Müllrich - bass, guitar, etc.
Ustad Mohammed Omar - rubab
Muhammed Hilal - keyboards
Malang Negrabi - zerbagali


Very good sound Quality, directly from the soundboard. Mostly the normal repertoire of their 1978 concerts, but with additional afghani musicians, who make this recording much more interesting and you can hear just how much fun all of them were having. Deserves an official release.

Thanks to Alan for the recording!