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Embryo at the TRT Studio in Ankara

Embryo in Ankara

The same night we drove towards Ankara, because the concert dates were very close together and we were forced to drive through at night, on adventurous roads.

Arriving in Ankara, we learned from the director of the local Goethe Institute, Dr. Wintherscheid, who managed the organization of Greece, Turkey and Persia, that the concert was to take place in the left-oriented Middle East University, but that the performances in Sivas and Trabzon had been cancelled because there had been heavy riots with street fighting.

The Middle East University campus was not exactly quiet either, many armed soldiers, some trenches had already been dug out, and on the front of the buildings students showed us the bullet holes. Although 1,500 people had already gathered in the sports hall and were waiting loudly for the concert to begin, there was a huge discussion with the student representatives about whether it should take place at all. The night before, the "gray wolves" had taken 6 students out of their apartments and killed them in a very cruel way.

When we were finally allowed to start the concert, Roman and Christian quietly started to play acoustically. At that moment a few energetic students rushed backstage and threatened that something terrible would happen. 300 heavily armed soldiers in front of the door and some already in the hall, in front of us a raving audience that wanted to hear music. It was one big witch's cauldron, and - to clarify the situation a bit - we told the people about the students' warning. They took the whole thing very seriously, it became deadly quiet, and everyone rushed to the exits. Some of the students later told us in a longer conversation that they had already taken a completely militant stance: "We don't throw stones, guns are better, bombs are the best".

Late in the evening we were able to catch up on our concert in a Turkish television studio, which was broadcast later.

From: Riebe's Fachblatt, 03/1979



01 - Mühldorfsong (07:59)
02 - Political Prisoners (08:15)
03 - Endless Feeling (05:25)
04 - Break Into Pieces (04:25)
Recorded and Broadcasted by the TRT in 1978
The Tracks were actually much longer, the duratons given are from a copy of the broadcast tape which was damaged.


Christian Burchard - Drums
Roman Bunka - Guitar
Uve Müllrich - Bass
Michael Wehmeyer - Piano
Stefan Rustige - Painting


Very good concert which is also very well recorded. Sadly it's only in black and white, because color TV was only introduced in 1981 in Turkey.
I'd love to see the full broadcast but sadly the only copy of it is the damaged broadcast master.