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ZÜRICH - This is completely new in Switzerland: Tomorrow the first "Festival of the Alternative Music Scene Germany/Switzerland" will take place at the Volkshaus in Zürich.

The special thing: The two record companies Sunrise (Kirchberg SG), and April (BRD) try to break through the commercial constraints of the record industry. About two years ago, the "April" collective formed in Germany. Its path is consistent: The companies sell their records without the help of a major distributor and also organize their own concerts. All profits flow directly to the musicians. When Etienne Connod from Zürich opened a 16-track recording studio in Kirchberg last autumn, the idea of a closer collaboration was born: From now on, the "April" musicians will record their records in Kirchberg! Starting at 2 pm tomorrow, the four German groups "Embryo", "Munju", "Missus Beastly" and "Moira" will perform in the Volkshaus. From Switzerland there will be "Kedama", "Plaff Pudding" and "Tabbis Nukkerli". The program is completed by the German singer-songwriter Julius Schittenhelm. Christoph Grenacher

From: Die Tat, 1977/06/18