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Embryo and Sparifankal in the Theater K in Munich.

Recordings for the Embryo LP "Live" and for Sparifankal's "Bayern Rock" were made here.


01 - Bambule (3:50)
02 - No More Love (4:35)

Sparifankal tracklist unknown, as the LP gives no information about which of the songs were recorded on which place.

The Embryo LP doesn't give any info about the place or date of the recording, on the CD reissue it just says "somewhere near munich", but i have a newspaper article where it says it was recorded here and on the Austria tour, and the recording engineers are also the same as on the Sparifankal LP.


Dieter Miekautsch, Jofrey Ramos, Uve Müllrich, Maria Archer, Christian Burchard, Roman Bunka, Charlie Mariano
Charlie Mariano, Edgar Hofmann

Christian Burchard - Vocals, Drums, Marimba, Vibraphone
Roman Bunka - Vocals, Guitar, Oud, Percussion
Dieter Miekautsch - Fender Rhodes Piano
Uve Müllrich - Bass, Dilruba, Percussion
Charlie Mariano - Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Nadaswaram
Maria Archer - Vocals, Percussion
Edgar Hofmann - Flute
Jofrey Ramos - Percussion
Joseph - Percussion

Jan Dosch - Bass Guitar, Guitar, Ocarina, Vocals
Florian Laber - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Günther Sonderwald - Drums, Triangle
Tillmann Obermaier - Vocals, Dulcimer, Guitar, Sulna
Carl Ludwig Reichert - Vocals, Guitar, Posthorn

Recording Engineers:
Bernd Fricke
Ulrich A. Rudolf