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CD-R made by Christian Burchard
Cover design for "Riding" by Alan Freeman

Embryo Live in Hamburg, Fabrik 1973/06/29


200?: CD-R made by Christian Burchard
2003: LP release (Private Pressing)
2014: CD-R and Download as "Riding" by Cosmic Egg
2020: Download on the official Embryo Bandcamp page


01 - New Ridin' (09:05)
02 - Flute & Saz (12:46)
03 - Entrances (14:56)
04 - A Place To Go (03:19)

The tracklist varies on the several releases, "Entrances" is often listed as "The Call" and sometimes tracks are swapped around.


Christian Burchard - Drums, Marimba, Percussion, Vocals
Roman Bunka - Vocals, Saz, Guitar
Klaus Götzner - Percussion
Mulah Stiletti - Bass
Mal Waldron - Electric Piano
Charlie Mariano - Reeds


The sound quality isn't the best but acceptable. What makes this release essential is just how great the performance is.