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Embryo and Aus dem Nichts live at the Wartburg-Auditorium in Wiesbaden.
Recorded by Muck Krieger.


01 - Flute, Saz And Marimba (Ouverture Marimbasaz) (07:09)
02 - The Sun Song (Sunrising) (06:16)
03 - Dieter Plays (06:46)
04 - No Place To Go (Space To No Place To Go) (07:40)
05 - Dreaming Girls (Andalucia Si) (06:13)
06 - Dreaming Girls (Master Plan Of Pharoa) (09:35)
07 - Back From Africa (Pygmäen überall) (21:03)
Aus dem Nichts:
01 - Clockwork Blue (12:39)


Christian Burchard - Drums, Marimba, Vocals
Roman Bunka - Guitar, Saz, Vocals
Dieter Miekautsch - Piano
Randy Stiletti - Bass
Klaus Götzner - Percussion

Aus dem Nichts:
Reinhard "Zig" Berger - Percussion, Vocals
Henryk Darlowski - E-Piano
Hansi Fischer - Soprano Saxophone, Flute
Michael Kaulich - Bass
Wolfgang Baade - Drums


Very clear sound, especially for being recorded on a cassette (with a very good machine by Uher).
Sounds a bit far-away but still professional. Essential recording because of the interesting line-up which is not on any album.
Embryo gig is complete, only one song by Aus dem Nichts was recorded, which is the only thing that has ever been released by them.


Garden of Delights "Wiesbaden 1972" Discogs (2008)