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Pop-Concert for Children

"Playing for adults is nice, playing for children is even better", says the young pop group "Embryo" from Munich. This is why they are arranging a pop concert for three to six-year-olds on Saturday, November 6, ten o'clock in the auditorium of the Academy of Arts. School children are also invited.

The group is hoping for "about 50 guests" so that "no mass processing" will result. Drummer Christian, flutist Hans, violinist Edgar, guitarist Roman and bassist Jörg would like to interact with the individual children or groups of children as intensively as possible, encouraging them to play along, to dance, romp, make noise and spray paint.

The "Embryos" do not regard their children's event as a "private pleasure". They would rather like to contribute with their initiative to "involve the children more than before in the cultural events".

From: Abendzeitung München, 1971/11/02