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Missus Beastly

Open-Air Festival in Heidelberg, Heiligenberg Thingstätte

A big festival with major headliners Pink Floyd and Deep Purple, organized by the "Cannapol Kommune" (related to Checkpoint Charlie) from Karlsruhe.

It was cancelled, apparently because most of the advertised bands cancelled due to commitments elsewhere or due to the dubious history of the venue. So, a number of the German bands organised their own event at the same venue.

Announced Bands: Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Xhol, Edgar Broughton Band, Embryo, Quintessence, Tangerine Dream, Guru Guru Groove, Nosferatu, Missus Beastly, Fashion Pink, Floh de Cologne, Warm Dust, Wedge, Gila Fuck

Only these bands are known to have played: Nosferatu, The Wedge, Missus Beastly, Guru Guru.

An article and several pictures about this festival can be found here.